Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pre-wedding shoot Bournemouth Pier - Sam and Rossi

I had the pleasure of photographing my first pre-wedding shoot of the year with the lovely Sam and Rossi.

I've known Sam's family all of my life (his Dad used to teach at the same school as my Mum before any of us "kids" were born!) - but I hadn't seen Sam since he was a little boy - it's funny how he looked exactly how I imagined him to look (but even taller!)

Sam and Rossi are getting married next month at the Elvetham Hotel, in Hook, Hampshire so it seemed a great idea, as they live in Bournemouth, to do their pre-wedding shoot on the seaside at Bournemouth. The weather was horrendous for the first two dates we picked, so we postponed and in the end we couldn't have asked for nicer weather on the day of the shoot. The sun was shining and it was really warm (until it went in then we were reminded it was definitely February!)

I'm starting to do more and more pre-wedding/engagement shoots and each one is so much fun. But more importantly it's a great opportunity to spend some time with the couple before the wedding day, getting them used to being photographed, building up a rapport and ultimately trust, that on the wedding day, the couple know that I can take good photos of them! All of the shoots I've done so far have enabled the couple to be so much more relaxed on the wedding day.

As the sun was so strong when we arrived, we chose to go to have a coffee and go through the normal pre-wedding meeting plans first - where I'm going to be when on the big day etc etc. By the time we came out the sun had softened slightly, but we still seeked shade for some shots.

Sam and Rossi brought their very cool sunglasses (Ray Bans no less!) for some of the shots - which was a fab idea!

We started off on the pier...

Then we went under the pier!

Just look at that sun! How lucky were we?

I love this one of Sam (Rossi does too!) he reminds me so much of his Dad! (sorry Sam!)

That wave came in a bit faster than they expected! What you can't see is I was doing the same thing (running from the wave)!

As the sun was dropping it was just beautiful.

Sam decided to "dip" Rossi here - they've since told me they love this photo and apparently didn't even realise I took a photo at this point!

What a beautiful couple!

I sincerely hope that they think I'm this funny on the wedding day - the photos will be so easy!

Thank you once again Sam and Rossi for such a great afternoon we had a blast! Reminding me that I have the best job in the world! Can't wait for the wedding!

If you'd like to see the whole shoot - please look here.

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