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Inspiring Photography Workshops by 3B Media

I've got some great friends in the photography world - in fact I'm going up north for a few days in a couple of weeks to catch up with them all - can't wait! A couple of photographers from Leeds are running some excellent workshops and the details are below, with links to full information and online booking.

If you're an aspiring professional or keen amateur photographer looking to improve your skills, then Leeds-based 3B Media are a company that are willing to help!

If you're a photographer looking at getting into the wedding photography market, or someone you know has agreed to let you try out your skills on there wedding then this is definitely a workshop you wont want to miss. 3B Media have photographed hundreds of weddings and know the business back-to-front. This one-day practical workshop based in a boutique hotel in Leeds is focussed around getting some stunning portfolio images and some real-life practice on a real bride & groom, whilst giving you the need-to-know basics on organising yourself before, during and after the big day.

You'll get some great posing techniques to get the best out of even the most nervous couple and leave them with some great pictures and lovely memories. You'll also leave with loads of invaluable information surrounding the planning and practicalities of wedding photography.

This workshop is not a gear-intensive course and will give you an amazing portfolio of images that will be repeatable on the wedding day. A basic working knowledge on how to use your DSLR will be required, as it's focussed less on technique and more on your style and approach to photographing weddings. At only £275 per delegate including lunch and refreshments, this is a great investment to your photography and your business.

You can view full details of the One Day Weddings workshop and book online via the 3B Media website here.

3B Media love sharing knowledge and love it when something just clicks. Flash photography is one of those things that once you know what's going on behind the scenes then everything makes sense. Their really popular course, Exposing Flash is for all those photographers who want to take control of their flash photography and learn to master their flashguns to create energetic, fun and funky portraits. You'll learn you how to take the flashgun off the camera, and be given the fundamental building blocks of flash photography using a variety of creative and practical techniques to take and make pictures you never thought possible with just one flashgun.

This really is an eye-opening day, and 3B Media believe there's currently no other course that gives you as much useful information on flash photography in the UK. If you're always fumbling with your camera and flash settings in the dark and still not getting the results you want, then this is definitely an investment you need to make.

The content of this practical workshop, based in the heart of Leeds city centre, will allow you to repeat the techniques you’ll learn with your own equipment and without the need of an assistant. There'll be a friendly 3B model for you to shoot on the day to create fresh images for your portfolio.

• The pros and cons of manual flash Vs E-TTL

• The relationship between ambient light and flash; know this and everything becomes clear!

• Great tips and tricks to get the most out of your flashgun

• Easy, impressive and repeatable techniques to take your off-camera flash photography to the next level.

Whatever the weather, you’ll leave with fresh, portfolio quality images, exciting and repeatable skills on how to shoot great portraits and a 3B Media worksheet pack so you don’t forget what you’ve learnt!

You can view full details of the Exposing Flash workshop and book online via the 3B Media website here.

3B Media have agreat one day workshop lined up which is all about image processing and creating a super slick workflow using the amazing Adobe Lightroom. We've been using Lightroom since it first came out in 2007 and it's completely changed our approach to editing. The speed with which you can edit a job, especially when it comes to a large edit like a batch of several hundred wedding images is incredible and 3B Media are sure that once you know how to use this software, you'll be shaving dozens of hours off your workflow.

The other major draw to this incredible application is the power and control you have over processing the images. The choice you have in turning your picture from an average one into a well polished and beautiful one is mind-blowing, but it can be daunting to the first time user with what to do with all those controls. You'll be shown what they all do, what order to do them in, and loads of great insider-tips to get the best out of every single image.

In short, Lightroom allows you to turn around your photography better, faster and more consistently than any other program out there. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it. If you haven't yet purchased your copy, you can download a FREE demo version here: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The workshop is classroom based in the heart of Leeds city centre and it suitable to all professional and amateur photographers looking to take their image processing to the next level. The price is £175 per delegate including lunch and refreshments, which is nothing compared to the hours you'll save once you've learnt what we've got to show you!

To book online and find out all the details of the Lightroom: Basics workshop click here!

Slowed down by shutter speeds? Agonising over apertures? Frustrated with focussing?

3B Media's photography evening class is called "Get To Know Your Digital SLR" and is all about learning the very basics of photography. If you've just got your first DSLR then this is the class that will get you on your feet and start shooting with more confidence and more creatively.

You'll learn the basics of: Aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, composition, lenses, focussing and lots of other tech stuff but without all the tech language.

The evening class is in Leeds and they have 4 dates lined up: 15th March, 21st April, 10th May and 21st September between 6:30 and 9:30pm.

It's going to be a lot of fun, with two 3B Media pro photographers on board to answer all your questions (even the silly ones) and will make an ideal gift if you're struggling for ideas for your wanna-be-photo-junkie partner. For online booking and all the information you need, head over to the 3B Media website at:

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