Thursday, 11 November 2010

Southampton Wedding Photography - Faye and Simon

Faye and Simon had a beautiful wedding with a fab pink theme running through. It was an amazing English summer's day in Southampton and everyone was excited for the day to get started. 

Richard joined me as my second shooter for this wedding (thanks Richard!) - so he started the day off with the boys at Faye and Simon's house.

Tiffany rings!

The boys were looking dashing!

I started off at Simon's mums house, which she also runs as a b&b where the girls were getting ready. Faye is absolutely stunning - so easy to photograph!

Faye's sister, Joy.

Faye's best friend Daisy.

The colours of the flowers were just so pretty.

And those shoes!

She could be a model - don't you think?!

Her Dad Steve was so proud...

Faye just HAD to have a pink stretch limo! She said it was "her bit of tack" for the day! I LOVE IT!

St James Church in West End.

The good thing about having two shooters is we managed to get both views in the church - from the back...

And the front...

Simon and his two best men, Kev and Andy.

The dress was amazing!

The reception was held on Princess Caroline in Ocean Village - a fab idea for something different.

The cake was so detailed - they even had the Tiffany boxes as part of it!

Centrepieces were floating roses with pink goldfish in each one! Faye specifically asked for pink fish - now that's attention to detail! They were so effective!

It was great fun being on a boat - so different and luckily I didn't get too sea sick!

The speeches were hilarious - Simon and Faye's family and friends knew how to crack everyone up!

Andy and Kev did an amazing joint speech - so funny!

After the speeches had finished, we left them to their partying. The boat set sail and the dancing began. Thank you Faye and Simon for such a fab day - hope you like your album.

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  1. Lovely set of images of what was clearly a gorgeous wedding day, Carrie. They have a real bounce in their step, so to speak.