Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Elvetham Wedding Photography - Sam and Rossi

I gave you a sneak peak to Sam and Rossi's wedding a few days ago, so as promised here are some more photos from their big day.

I was so looking forward to this wedding, as we all got on so well at the pre-wedding shoot (see here) that I just knew it was going to be a blast. Sam and Rossi are so obviously madly in love and so relaxed with it. The venue was new to me too, I'd been up to visit the Elvetham Hotel with Sam and Rossi a few weeks before and it's just beautiful - a stunning 19th Century mansion with 35 acres of picturesque grounds.

I started the day with Rossi, her mum and her sister all getting ready together in their room at the Elvetham.

Aren't Rossi's shoes amazing! She'd been telling me all about them - so I was so excited to finally see them!

Rossi's room had a balcony - so I was able to go out and spy on the boys from a distance!

And the guests arriving!

Hilary, Sam's mum makes stunning cakes - this is one of her masterpieces - I loved it as the colours were very similiar to what I chose for my wedding (Hilary also very kindly made our wedding cake too!)

I knew the boys would be more or less ready so I popped downstairs to see them for a bit and get some relaxed shots! I'm sure Rossi won't mind me saying, Sam looks gorgeous here I think!

Then across the lawn for some more shots in the gardens. Just look at that weather! Not bad for March in England!

I love this one, I think they all look so cool. The matching RayBans were planned - nice touch!

Then I went back upstairs to see how Rossi was getting on - she'd moved across to the bridal suite - which was lovely. Rossi's sister, Francesca was amazing all morning - so calm and organised - just what all brides need!

Such a perfect dress.

I popped my head out the window to see the boys having a sneaky pint in the sunshine - why not!

I had a few minutes, so popped downstairs again to photograph some more details with the boys. This is why I love it when bride and grooms get ready in the same place - I can get both sides of the story! This is Sam's Grandfather's pocket watch (which didn't actually work, so Sam set it to the wedding date and time of the ceremony!) a lovely touch.

Seeing as Rossi's legs and shoes were going to be under her dress for most of the day I took the opportunity to photograph them one more time! Love her tattoo!

A special moment between Rossi and her mum helping her get her dress on.

I love images like this when so much is going on with bridesmaids, family and friends before the ceremony.

I think Rossi looks stunning here.

Downstairs in the ceremony room, Sam was getting a bit nervous, but I'm glad I managed to get a smile out of him!

There were no less than four bestmen, but Peter was the guys with the rings - and a great job he did too!

I adore this one, it's so Rossi - a quick thumbs up when they were announced as husband and wife!

And then a little dance too!

Then... the all important kiss!

It was emotional.

We then had a little wonder off for a bit for some couple shots.

Sam's nephew, Casper was enjoying playing in the grounds. It was nice to see them again as I'd done a family portrait for Sam's sister, Laura only a few weeks before.

Eric, the toastmaster mentioned there may be some daffodils out at the bottom of the garden. It was well worth the walk - amazing thanks Eric!

Meet Hilary - of cake fame.

The boys (bestmen) were so much fun - this shot just has me cracking up!

Rossi and her mum, Valeria.

Here's Eric - he was lovely, I do hope I get to work with him again.

Sam and Rossi had the conservatory for their wedding breakfast it looked perfect.

Rossi's dad, Colin's speech was really funny.

Gary, Sam's dad seemed to enjoy it.

And even did some heckling! Typical Gary!

Rossi looking embarrassed!

Then it was the best men's turn to all say a few words - some very heartfelt speeches here.

Then last but not least Francesca (Rossi's sister) said a few words and even had props (told you she was organised!!)

I love this moment between Sam and his dad. Very special.

Then into the party - Sam and Rossi kicked things off with a traditional first dance!

So. In. Love.

I was told afterwards that the band were only put together for the wedding! They were AMAZING! They had so much great feedback though that they're going to do more now (let me know if you'd like details).

Later in the evening Sam got up and showed us his skills!

And said a few words of thanks.

What a fabulous day. Two people in love, celebrating in the best way possible on the most gorgeous day surrounded by the people that mean most to them. Thank you so much to Sam and Rossi, for being wonderful and making my job the best one ever!

Congratulations yet again and wishing you a long and happy marriage.


  1. Amazing!!! Well Done Carrie!!! You have given them, and all of us, wonderful snapshots of the amazing memories we all shared that day1 Thank you!!! :o)

  2. Lovely shots - I love the Elvetham.
    Eric was the toastmaster at the ones i've done there too - he's a legend isn't he!
    Love that avenue of trees - great images all round!