Friday, 17 December 2010

Hadley and Erica's first photoshoot - newborn photography

Hadley and Erica's parents, Sarah and Martin (also known as Briz) used to work at the same advertising agency as me in Southampton. They too have now set up their own companies here: and here:

But more importantly they have newborn twins! Hadley and Erica were born 3 months prematurely. The Brisdion family have been through a tough time - but the babies are now home and well. They are now three months old so they were actually due this week! They are the cutest little things and it was so lovely to see them looking so well, after they've been through so much, so early in their precious lives.


Adorable no?


Erica was a natural - I'm sure she'll be a model when she grows up!

I love this sleepy look!


Hadley has had a bit more of a bumpy ride than his sister, so it was nice to see some smiles!

Bless him - thank you Hadley for letting us move you about so much, don't think you liked it that much! Sarah said this one is typical Hadley though!

Then we all calmed down for a lovely cuddle! Makes my heart melt!

They're even pulling the same expressions in this one.

Sarah and Briz are obviously amazing parents. Look at the way Hadley's holding onto his mum.

His new game at the moment is sucking his mum's nose - cute!

This is the end of the session, where mummy and daddy were dressing them back up ready for a little nap. Everything has to be done double with these two!

Yes Erica, we know it's tiring being a model, but if you're gonna earn the big bucks!

Thought I'd end with a gorgeous peaceful one of Hadley in mum's arms.

Thank you to the Brisdion family for letting me into their home and photographing them - hopefully I'll be allowed back soon before they get too big! To see all the photos from this shoot see here.

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  1. Carrie, it was an absolute pleasure having you come and take photos of the twiglets. The photos are simply stunning and brought a tear to my eye this morning when I woke up to see them. You have a real gift and have captured the spirit of our little angels perfectly. Can't wait to start a gallery in the house to show everyone. Thank you so much. xx