Friday, 22 October 2010

Claire and Aaron's Wedding - Winchester Royal Hotel

Well what a busy summer I've had! I'm so behind with my blogging, but will hopefully catch up soon!

This wedding was a very special one for me as I used to work with Claire before I set up my business. It was an amazing day, the sun was blazing and everyone was in high spirits. I kicked off the day in the bridal suite with Claire and her bridesmaids.

This is Claire's niece Mia - how adorable?

Beautiful dress by Benjamin Roberts.

Isn't she stunning? What a necklace! I love it!

Introducing Reuben - Claire and Aaron's son. THE cutest little man.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just LOVE it when the groomsmen are getting ready at the same location as the bride and bridemaids, it means I can pop down to see them too and keep switching between the two groups!

This is Aaron and his best man Andy.

And back to the girls..

Claire and Roo having a cuddle before the ceremony!

A-mazing All Stars - this kid's got class!

After a short walk down the stairs - it was into the ceremony room - where there was lots of emotion during the service.


 Then outside for drinks on the lawn.

All the girls - what fabulous dresses.

These two know how to have fun!

Gotta have a family portrait - loving Roo's little tongue peeking out here!

Some of the girls I used to work with - such great fun. Miss you guys! (and look at that weather!)

And the speeches begin! Claire's Dad, Alan was hilarious!

Then for something a little different, Claire's group of girlfriends decided to do a speech too! After some fabulously embarrassing photos on a slideshow they proceeded to set up a game of Mr and Mrs - brilliant!

Here's a couple of them explaining the rules with ping pong bats!

Bit of cheating going on here Aaron!

I was in stitches!

Best man Andy's turn!

More slideshow photos ensured equal amounts of riotous laughter!

And photos handed round to each table too! Got to hand it to Claire and Aaron's friends they certainly put the effort in to make the speeches top notch! (and I hear a LOT of speeches!)

Thank you to Claire and Aaron for being so fabulous on the day and congratulations on baby number two arriving in April next year!


  1. Fab wedding photography as always, what a fun one though - how on earth did you avoid camera shake whilst laughing?! :o)

  2. Fantastic set Carrie. Rich and warm. I'd love to see more friends get involved in speeches at weddings. People are so nervous about delivering them (quite natural really) but they do mean so much.

  3. Brilliant black and white speech series and you've caught some really fun reactions. Nice work, Carrie.

  4. Beautiful images, Carrie! The window light images of the bride getting ready have a really classy and classic feel to them. And the speech shots truly convey the fun of those moments!