Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Louisa and Nick's Wedding

I met Louisa and her sister at a wedding fair last year and it turned out they were both marrying their boyfriends in 2010! Poor parents I say! They were so friendly and bubbly I was really hoping they'd choose me as their photographer, well they both did!

Louisa and Nick were first, 5th June to be precise (yes I'm a bit behind with my blogging!) They decided to get married at the same church that her parents got married - how lovely is that?

I started the day with the girls at their parents house with Louisa's sister Nicola and the other bridesmaids Katie and Natalie (Nick's sister). Everyone was in a very relaxed mood - the sun was out and on arrival I even got fed croissants (thanks Carole!)


The brilliant Hayley working her magic on Katie.

Nicola, Louisa's sister. So relaxed - as you can see!

Nick sent a present and card over for Louisa to open on the day - very emotional!

Thank you for marrying me...

Isn't that dress stunning?

Then I headed onto the church to see how the boys were getting on. Not only did they have top hats and tails, but canes too! How cool!

St Matthews.

The two best men, Craig and Simon with Nick in the middle of course!

Louisa's mum, Carole looked gorgeous!

Look how proud Dad Les is!

More tears!


Louisa kept on getting more and more of these good luck charms!

Don't they all look so smart!?

Then off to Norton Park, Sutton Scotney.

A modern hotel, with a beautiful Manor House in it's grounds - so glad we were able to use this - just look at how gorgeous it is!

The traditional "lift"! I think Louisa looks stunning here. How anyone can make this look elegant is very lucky in my opinion!

Then we headed off round the ground for some more romantic couple shots...

I was hanging out the window of the house for this one! A great way to photograph around 100 people!

The navy blue theme of the bridal party was carried through to the reception details - very classy!

I thought the blue lights in the ceiling were a bit cool too!

Mr and Mrs Cole - making their entrance!

And after this, I left them to have their dinner and party the night away (and from what I've heard - that was SOME party!)

Thank you so much to everyone involved for making me feel very welcome - can't wait to see most of you again in a couple of weeks at Nicola and Simon's big day!


  1. Lovely images that show so much joy and happy laughter! I can't wait to see Nicola's wedding! Lovely couple shots, and fun confetti!

  2. Lovely shots of what looks like a great wedding. They're all great but the shot of the choir signing with the big stained glass window particularly grabbed me! - love that. Really looking forward to seeing her sister's wedding too.

  3. Fantastic story-telling images imbued with grace and beauty. This really looks to have been such a lovely wedding.

  4. Really nice photos...love the color.