Friday, 6 August 2010

Isobel & Lee's Wedding at Christchurch Harbour Hotel

You may remember Isobel and Lee's pre-wed shoot I did a while back here. I was recommended for this wedding by a photographer friend - Emily who was unable to photograph the wedding herself as she's one of the bridesmaids! So with the sister of the bride being an amazing wedding photographer, you can imagine the pressure I put myself under!

In fact it was one of the funnest (is that a word?! I think it's most fun!) weddings I've done, as all the girls were a great laugh and Emily helped me loads in the day (even picking up my second camera on occasions!)

Isobel bought some fab bright pink shoes - just for photos (not actually to wear!) LOVE it!

Lee's sister, Amy.

Isobel's mum, Helen.

Emily with her mum and sis Jacinta

The great thing about all getting ready in the same place as the ceremony and reception - is I could dart between the boys and the girls in the morning!

Lee getting his buttonhole fixed!

 Back to the girls!

Emily and her new husband Jobey - I photographed their wedding with Stu and Anna earlier in the year (more fun was had then!)

Isobel made this headpiece herself (and the earrings!) very impressive!

Emily was an easy model - she sat herself right in the light of the window - perfect! Well that's what happens when you photograph a photographer!

Isn't she beautiful?

Lee and his best man Chris, all ready and waiting!

Jobey was on video duty!

I love the look on Lee's face as he sees Isobel for the first time! So proud and excited.

As well as a drinks reception - they had an ice cream stall! Gorgeous ice cream on a beautiful day!

Emily got out her polaroid! And she got some VERY cool shots from it too!

Now that is fierce!

The boys all had bright pink matching socks! What a cool idea!

I think Emily took this shot - thanks Emily!

A signature board with a photo from their pre-wed shoot.

Time for speeches!

Best man Chris (his speech made me cry!)

After dinner, we went for a short drive down to Avon beach, to take some more photos, Emily and Jacinta (Isobel's other sister and bridesmaid) came for the ride!

Isobel wanted to jump off the groyne, which is exactly what they did!

Because we weren't allowed confetti at the venue, we took it down the beach instead! (Biodegradable by the way!)

Cupcakes for the evening - they tasted as good as they looked!

First dance time! They did an amazing choreographed dance.

A big thanks to both Isobel and Lee on making me feel so welcome on your special day - it was such an honour to shoot people who are so obviously in love! And big thank you to Emily for all your help on the day too, hope to work with you again soon!


  1. I LOVE the colour theme of this wedding! The pinks and pastels are so pretty and perfect. Great photography, Carrie, you captured the fun and loving spirit of their day so well!

  2. What lovely photos Carrie! Issy you looked stunning and the happiest that I've ever seen you! As pink is my favourite colour I especially loved the colour scheme.

  3. Fab images Carrie you've done such a great job. I love the images from the beach but my fave is definitely the one of Isobel leaning against the wall - as Emily would say 'Gorg'!

  4. A wonderful set of images that the B&G will no doubt treasure. Love the shoe shot and her buying them just to photograph - brilliant :-)

  5. Great stuff! Love the beach shots especially.