Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hannah and Paul are married!

Hannah and Paul's wedding was one I was looking forward to for months. I lived pretty much next door to her parent's house that they built from scratch and over the course of several months, I saw it go from a run down building, to a bare piece of land, to a beautiful manor house. Any girl's dream location for their big day. Well where do I start? What a stunning, fabulous wedding. Hannah basically thought of EVERYTHING. She's an extremely talented lady who proved herself with a wonderful display of style, design and creativity. Hannah designed the entire wedding herself and it shows. But enough of me telling you about it - see for yourself below.


Party packs for the little girls - wings included!

A dedicated kid's table centrepiece - I want that cup and saucer!

Kid's napkins!

I love bunting!

I started the day off with Hannah and the bridesmaids. We kept looking out the window for rain, but it didn't come!

Yes girls, it's a Jenny Packham!

A gift from Paul - a vintage bracelet that they'd both seen. Hannah had gone back to the shop to see it again, but it had gone - little did she know that Paul had bought it! This was definitely a present to be opened before any make-up was applied!


This is Hannah's sister in law, Juliette and her daughter Maisie - who got some time off school!

She was so excited about being princess for a day!

Last minute adjustments.

I adore this photo - these stairs were built for this very purpose!

This is the reaction from Hannah's brother, David and her Mum and Aunty in the background. They thought she looked beautiful too!

All the girls!

A few portraits.

This was Hannah taking a moment to take it all in, looking into the garden at the marquee and thinking about the day ahead, it was not posed at all, I love the way the light shows off her stunning dress.

Then I made my way across to the church to see the boys. I only had to cross the road! Look at that car!

The gorgeous Paul. Very relaxed and excited!

Maisie and May the two little flowergirls. Cute!

Hannah and her Dad walking down through the churchyard from their house.

That's one proud Dad!

This is one of my favourite images from the day!


Back over the road to the house.

Bridal party shot - I'm very happy with this shot!

Then we went across into the neighbouring field for some couple shots.

Hannah's brothers.

Paul's parents and sister Sarah - I did her wedding last year - keep it in the family! It was great to see them again.

Hannah and her mum.

Mr and Mrs Middlewick!



Best man Jack handed out various photos of Paul during his speech - the reactions were great!

Maisie with her wings! Adorable!

The food was delicious.

Sweetie table!

First dance...

The band were fab!


Thank you Hannah and Paul for making me feel so welcome on your big day.
To see the whole wedding click here.


  1. My day has just stopped in its tracks. This is majestic work Carrie. The details are utterly gorgeous; it must have taken longer to plan this wedding than it did to build the house! And Hannah! She looks like a model from a high class bridal magazine.

  2. Wow, feel like I was there. Great images Carrie x

  3. Gorgeous details and great coverage, Carrie. It's such a light and breezy wedding. The shot of Hannah on the stairs is really lovely and natural. I want the cup and saucer too!

  4. What a fantastic wedding and images that bring it to life. Really fantastic work.

  5. Such a lovely set of photos, looks like you really captured the day!

  6. Everything about these is outstanding. From the detail shots, to the emotion and the fun you captured! And she is a real beauty to boot - love her stylin'!

  7. really realy beautiful wedding shots carrie, and i love the way you involve us in the day with the comments - gorgeous wedding post !

    ps -love that cup too !!!

  8. Fantastic images Carrie. This looks like such a wonderful wedding and you've captured it beautifully. The shots in the field are amazing and all the details are wonderful. Nice one!

  9. Simply gorgeous wedding photography, the album will be amazing.